Friday, November 13, 2009

Finals, birthdays, and lattes

So this last week is going to be crazy. I'm going through finals at the moment and can't wait to be finished and share my work. I'm weaving a blanket for my final in intro to weaving and I'm so excited to get it off the loom and show it to you guys! I've been crazy busy so haven't gotten a chance to post my work as often as I would like, but no worries, I have a month and a half break which is really nice. My birthday was today by the way! I'm legal now, the big 21, and my room mate turned 20 yesterday. Love birthdays! I hope you all are having a lovely fall so far. I love fall, it's one of my favorite seasons; the perfect time for lattes and pies, the best combo ever. Have a great weekend :)

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  1. Hi Andrea, All the best with your finals and with the blanket too. It sounds great! Happy 21st birthday too. Congratulations!!