Monday, June 27, 2011

Discover Pinterest

Hi there! I'm sure all of you guys have already discovered Pinterest. I did a couple months ago and I'm obsessed! It's such a great tool for organizing inspiration. If you aren't a part of it I urge you to have a look! Here are a few images I've pulled from one of my boards :)

fabric covered pots
fabric covered  hangers and cute aprons
patterned tape! A must have :)


  1. Hi Andrea, I stopped by your blog to visit. What a great concept. And I love your quote; “As I nurture my creativity, my creativity nurtures me”. You have an artist’s eye and soul. I think you will be the best doctor ever because you will inspire people as well as help heal. I looked at your portfolio. What beautiful work! Your colors are vibrant. You have excellent composition and you have a good eye for balance. Bravo Andrea!

    I write a blog about Food, Love, Recipes and Relationships. I try to tell stories through my words and photographs. All photos and artwork is original. We recently got back from Paris and Italy where I had a chance to take some nice photos.

    Please visit when you get a chance. And maybe follow . That would be cool. Thanks.