Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Country French

Today I was at Target, one of my favorite stores, and I stumbled across a magazine called Country French, which is a part of Better Homes and Gardens. Anything French has always interested me. The style is so beautiful, dainty, and romantic. French is also a language I would love to learn how to speak as well! Anyways, combining the French style with the Country style is perfect in my eyes. The surroundings of country life are a huge part of who I am, and including "country" in anything means incorporating nature, which is also important to me because it's where I draw most of my inspiration. So you may ask... what exactly is Country French? I went to the website, and they summed it up pretty well.

Country French is defined by its elegant look, with a touch of nature and country mixed in. The French manor look can be yours by bringing in these elements: antiques, blue and yellow, florals and nature inspiration, gilded elements, rustic country-inspired details, trims, and finishes (fringe, lace), and decorative faux finishes (stucco, patina, distressed).

For more Country French and to find descriptions on the pictures above, click here!

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