Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Something to Look Forward To

photo by libookpearson-( I am in love with her journaling skills)

Hello Friends! 

So, You and I both know that once I've started with class back in Savannah in the past, my blogging has been put on the back burner, but I want to stop the back burning and create a day to day system.  I originally post whatever inspiration comes to mind, or whatever I happen to see during the day that may spark an idea for a post, but with all the chaos that's going on around me it has been hard doing it while I'm in school. Soooo, I am going to prepare myself by creating a blog topic schedule for myself day to day to make things a lot easier and natural for me when I  post. This will be something to look forward to, because not only will I know, but you guys will know what to look forward to each day I make a post.  So here we go, and here's the schedule:

Mondays: Blog Praise (I will be praising a blog each week for you guys to check out!)

Tuesdays:  Textile Tuesdays (any textile artist, pattern, or product I fall in love with that particular week will be shared- after all, it's what I do!)

Wednesdays: Wild Card Wednesdays (could be about anything!)

Thursdays: Thoughtful Thursdays (This will be a more personal post that will allow me to connect better with all of you guys.  Thursdays are usually the last day of my school week, so i'ts a day to think about what all was accomplished and learned throughout that particular week. I find myself pondering the most on Thursdays, so you guys can give me your opinions and let me know what you are up to as well! I look forward to inspiring one another about life <3 ) 

Fridays: Photo Fridays (As you all know my passion for beautiful photography)

And that's it! I hope you are looking forward to it as much as I am :)

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