Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Goal #2: Blog Dedication

2.   More posting!

Last summer I was on top of everything with my blog, but as all of you may have noticed, my dedication to this blog slowly went downhill as the school year began last September.   Things get crazy, and I'm sorry for any promises I may not have kept throughout the year as far as posting.  I want to shout out a HUGE thanks to all of the followers that stayed with me. Thank you oh, soo much for your patience and understanding!  So, to more inspiration!

Camilla David
I would like to share with you a textile company I stumbled upon that I am very very fond of.  Camilla David Textiles is a small textile business that produces fabrics for home furnishings. I absolutely love the prints, they are so adorable and beautiful! Camilla David's patterns were inspired by her mother's floral arrangements, which were home grown.  Who doesn't love fresh cut flowers? Now these arrangements will last forever through Camilla's inspiring work.

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