Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Surface Design

Today classes started and I got to begin my day with my fibers CAD class. We are going to learn how to create surface design digitally, and I can't wait to see what I and everyone else can come up with. My focus is going to be pattern for interiors because it's what I'm most interested in at the moment. I'm so excited. One of my favorite pattern artists is Amy Butler. She has my dream job! Amy Butler started out in the corporate world, and quickly realized it wasn't for her. She started off by selling her first set of handbags at a Spring Quilt Market in Kansas City where she found her first booth. No other small pattern companies had been designing for accessories, so Amy began designing her own line of fabrics for accessories, which launched her career, and now serve in a wide range of accessories for the home and fashion. Isn't her work so lovely and refreshing?
Her rugs are amazing!


  1. Hi Andrea, What a pretty post! How exciting that you're doing a digital design class! All the best with it! Which program will you be using? I love Amy Butler's fabrics too, and agree that her career journey is inspiring :)

  2. Hi Andrea, thanks for your comment. That's great to hear that you'll be learning weaving too!! Weaving is fun, although warping the loom if you're doing it by hand, can be a bit tedious and tricky at first. Hope you have a wonderful time. Look forward to reading more about your classes! Wini :)