Friday, September 18, 2009

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Hello! I must say, the first week of classes wasn't so bad. 20th century art is very interesting, and I think I'm really going to enjoy my weaving and CAD surface design class. Yesterday I learned how to measure my thread on a warp board for weaving. The process is actually very soothing. The motion of winding the yarn around the dowels is a calming and also thoughtful process. On the calming side, the motion is "like slow dancing" as my professor said, and on the thoughtful side have to keep count of how many warps you have counted out. No worries though, because if you lose count, there are a couple tricks that can help you count them back again in like 5 seconds.

I was going to let you guys know that majority of my posts will probably be inspiration I am looking at for projects throughout this quarter. Also, if any of you guys have any suggestions, or would like to share some inspiration that might be helpful, please do! Just shoot me an email or send me a link! I also hope you all have a fabulous weekend. Is anyone doing anything special?

One plan I have in particular is bike shopping! I can't wait. I would love to get a cruiser. I really need to save some money on gas. A bike would be perfect because I live in the middle of downtown and I can pretty much bike anywhere I want. Is there anywhere great online I can go to look for one? I am open to suggestions! I'm also going to the farmer's market, and I'm super excited about that as well. Remember that post I made about gardens? Well, let's just say I have like 1/16 of a small garden in our apartment. We have fresh basil plants, and I got a small parsley plant yesterday! Nothing is better than fresh herbs. Yum.

photo by Jena Ardel (click for source)

Our lovely little basil plants!

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  1. Andrea, I love that you are growing your own little Garden in your apartment!!!! I told Momma that we should do that.