Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Double Takes at Anthropologie

I went to Huntsville today and of course had to go by Anthropologie as usual! Anthropologie in Huntsville is located in the Bridge Street town center. It's known for it's luscious grass wall installation (186 square meters), one of the largest in North America! I hope you enjoy viewing a few things that caught my eye today in the store. Believe me, there was much more I looked at, but it would make this post a heck of a long one if I posted it all!

I always LOVE going to look at the kitchen accessories.

I saw this little cardigan and wanted it so bad! It's so fun and cute!

These necklaces are absolutely gorgeous! The last time I went they had a nice selection, but these were not there yet. I picked both of them up and daydreamed about wearing them out. If only. I think these would both look wonderful as wedding accessories.


  1. Those necklaces are EVERYWHERE now! There's a whole page dedicated to them in Lucky this month. I think they're gorgeous, and even a fun diy project.

  2. Andrea, we went to Anthropologie today. They have moved some things around.